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Purchaser Benefits

Free for 5 tenders Per Year

Making your supply chain work for you is the challenge and the vital elements to this is the ability to be able to connect to a pool of suppliers and to be able to utilise strategic sourcing tools to test your market and to develop the relationships that provides your organisation with real cost savings.

Strategic sourcing tools are vital to your ability to generate sustainable contracts, our Supply Portal tools starts with our supplier registers which profile your existing suppliers and potential suppliers so your are able to see who you are connected to and what supplier resource pools you have by commodity, by trade and by region.

Reaching you market to test supply trends is fully automated, with tender notifications services matching you buys with supplier automatically.  This process is matched with a range of tendering tools to support traditional word XSL bids up to our Smart E-forms tenders that can reduce tender cycle’s buy 80% or simple RFX quote boards.

Most strategic buyers would agree that “price visibility and benchmarking “is the ultimate strategy yet resource constraints all too often impeded such innovations.   Our supply portals strategic tools go beyond simple sourcing cycles with our price book management and bid catalogue taking you’re buying to the next level where price benchmarking to market forces is constantly tested and monitored for best value-for-money opportunities.  

Strategic sourcing tools that save money:

  • Strategic Sourcing from a Single Platform

  • Integrated Tender Notifications Service

  • Supplier Registration Profiles for Goods, Products And Services

  • Skills Sourcing for Trades and Professional Skills

  • Integrated Tenders

  • Online Tenders

  • Smart-E-Forms for Tendering

  • Online Templates for Rapid Go-To-Market Strategies

  • Contract Management

  • Price Books with CPI Controls

  • Online Bid Catalogues for Benchmark Buying



The Supply Portal provides you with an online management tool where you can monitor your business connections.   All from a single desk top, across one or many buyers and across all of your staff. 

The heart of most successful contracts lies in the ability of buyers and sellers to constantly connect and share issues that makes your contracts work on a day to day basis.  For most buyers this is the email storm. The Supply Portal revolutionises this via collaboration boards that can are instantly formed around projects, your sites, and your contracts and catalogues.

Each collaboration link is formed by your purchasing officer who decides which supplier will be connected via automated email invites.  Each collaboration board runs as a silo and includes private Chat forums, online document repositories and secure document delivery.  Each contact officer can have unlimited collaboration activities across sites, projects, contracts, and price books.  A CRM module rounds the collaboration tools, were you can alert your suppliers to connect their staff to your projects, sites, or contracts.  With a single mouse click the “supplier’s contacts are activated” giving you instant hot links for email, VOIP chats and even real-time video feeds that takes your down into the work site.

Work Orders and Drop Invoices - Get Paid Faster!

Tenders and bids are only half the story.  Many organisations constantly generate work orders and box reviews to keep the wheels turning.  The Supply Portal delivers your work orders directly to your supplier’s desktop.  The Supply Portals Works Module can handle the full cycle of work related jobs including delivery, variation requests and approvals for SWMS and SOP or tool box reviews and finally an Invoice Drop Box to close the file.

A new way of connecting - Collaboration Tools 

  • Project Collaboration  (Forums, Document libraries, Connectors and CRM)

  • Site Collaboration (Forums, Document libraries, Connectors and CRM)

  • Catalogues Collaboration (Forums, Document libraries, Connectors and CRM)

  • Contract Collaboration (Forums, Document libraries, Connectors and CRM)

  • Work order Collaboration (Forums, Document libraries, Connectors and CRM)

  • Shared document libraries

  • Single point of visibility across one or many companies.

  • Full access security rights

For most organisations the reality of business compliance has changed the face of how purchases and buyers interact.   This DecisionMAX Self-service compliance Kiosk is designed to share the obligations of compliance between supplier and buyers.

The main goal of a purchaser in compliance is to establish a supply base that is compliant from both a business level and in some cases from a trade/ professional services certification and or product compliance (product licenses, MDS sheets etc.).    For the supplier meeting compliance can range from simply identity validations and insurances down to trade / and professional services compliances linked to their onsite activates.

There are many roads to the achieving compliance which has as direct labour cost and certificate fee, though full outsourcing, insourcing or combinations of these strategies.  The reality is however, that under the new legislation compliance will stay with the buyer no matter where the compliance processes is handled.  The DecisionMAX Supply portal provides an all-encompassing solution to compliance that can address business, trade and products compliance from a single platform. 

This advance is achieved though the development of business rules engine which allows each purchaser to develop their own compliance landscape relative to their trades, business types, products and services.  Once a purchaser has established a compliance model for their business the supply portal automate the process though our Self-service kiosks technology.  This module simply takes a purchaser compliance requests, matches the supply chain and invokes compliance requests at the supplier login.

Sharing the compliance load- Buyers and seller

The Self-service Kiosk is designed to share the obligations of compliance between two parties with the supplier’s obligation to provide the required data handled as upload certificates requests.  The purchaser is presented with status controls, with returned certificates held in approval centres for validation.   The compliance program also support  sophisticated preregistration modules, which allows each purchaser to develop their own preregistration forms from which suppliers can provide detailed profiles of the business and works health and safety capabilities and compliance.

By engaging our Supply Portal you can look forward to a fully automated world where business compliance requests guide suppliers to provide the required documentation.  Upload data is queued for approvals while ongoing compliance monitoring is handled in the background for renewals and expiry dates.

• Unlimited compliance certificates
• Real time certificate mapping
• Business compliance
• Trade & professional compliance
• Product Compliance
• Fully automated renewal notices
• Red / flag Green flag status boards
• Report on compliance
• Internal compliance processing
• External Compliance processing
• Customise trade / matching codes
• Hot link connect for compliance
• Where available automated checking and validation

Supplier Benefits

Free Tender Notification Notices

Are you looking for ways to keep on top of new opportunities!  Then subscribe to the 'free' tender noticeboards. Once you profile your business against our comprehensive products and services listing, your online profile will connect you to thousands of sales opportunities, all free, delivered to your mail box.

  • Receive email Alerts matched to your Industry trade.

  • Connect all your offices to a single account - saving thousands on subscription fees.

  • Automatic matching to your listing profile means you know what bids and RFX match your skills.

  Online Tendering

Access RFX Quotes and formal Tenders from your desk-top.  As you connect to more purchasers your bid opportunities will grow.  You can also download your bids or opt to store them online and even collaborate with your staff to complete bids online!

  • Full online bidding.

  • Intelligent forms reduce typing to a minimum.

  • An on-line pre-registration form saves you re-keying repetitive information.

Catalogues: Connect you to every Buying Decision as it's made!


Developing catalogues can be a nightmare, however, with the Supply Portal bid catalogues; every catalogue is tuned to the buyers' requirements. You are connected to real buying opportunities by direct invite.  Every price update or product run-out will instantly hit the buyer's desk saving you thousands in marketing costs. The catalogues are buyer / seller friendly and include CPI controls to monitor your agreed price rises with history logs for all price changes as well as supplier side downloads of your own data.

List your products in real time catalogues.

Push price discounts and product run outs immediately to hundreds of Buyers!

Handle CPI price adjustments automatically, track price changes and download your data.


Supplier Product Pages to Promote your Products and Services


Getting a Web presence and paying a premium for "web hits" was the only way to develop a B2B presence.  With the Supply Portal you are connected to your major markets and buyers instantly.  What's more appealing it is a gated community where you are connected by invite from buyers who are constantly looking for relationships to supply millions of dollars of core services and products.

  • Enhance your online presence with free Web pages.

  • List your products, brands and services.

  • Profile your manufacturing capabilities, plant location and capacity.

  • Generate a Gold status profile that makes your company stand out!

  Single Sign-On Compliance. Do it Once!

Compliance is a fact-of-life but it does not need to be hard.  The Supply Portal provides a number of innovations including automatic compliance matching to your trade, so you know what trade and business certificates you need.  The Supply Portal is dedicated to keeping you informed; its compliance monitoring alerts you to new regulations and sends reminders for renewals. The major benefit is however, you do it once; as your profile is connected to all buyers reducing the time and labour for both parties.

  • Upload your business compliance once! And know that your core buyers have visibility.

  • Get email alerts on your out-of-date certificates.

  • View a status dash board with red flags so you know your compliance exposure.

  • Use the online profile to see what compliance each staff member needs.

  • Connect your contractors to your profile so they can manage their own data.

  • Use the compliance tools to manage your own business compliance, saving you thousands in external validation.

Work Orders and Drop Invoices - Get Paid Faster!

Tenders and bids are only half the story.  Many organisations constantly generate  work orders  and tool-box reviews to keep the wheels turning.  The Supply Portal delivers your work orders directly to your desktop while email alerts connect to your email and phone, alerting you of every job even if you are in the field.  The Supply Portals Works Module can handle the full cycle of work related jobs including delivery, variation requests and approvals for SWMS and SOP or tool box reviews and finally, the Invoice Drop Box targets your bottom line making your payments an express priority!

  • Mail alerts for new work orders.

  • Review attached work plans with support documents from your PC, tablet or phone

  • Upload SWMS and SOP approvals.

  • Upload invoices for payments.


Free Contract Register with CRM Links to Your Buyers

Keeping your contract obligations visible across your organisation can be  a task in its own right.  The Supply Portal changes this by providing you with your own personal contract register listing every contract you are connected to from a single dashboard.  You can instantly see all contract start / end dates and contract renewal flags; while chat forums, on-line libraries and CRM links connect your staff  to your buyers allowing you to manage your obligations from a single point.

  • Automated Chat rooms dedicated to each contract.

  • CRM links for supplier contacts

  • Shared Document Libraries

Seeing your supply chain as a valuable “resource is critical”, as the cost of churning suppliers is out-weighted by the benefits of sustainable relationships that contribute to your business in a positive way.


One of your most important assets in a procurement model is your supply chain and while many organisations have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing their supplies, most purchasers still struggle to develop connection to these resources.  The DecisionMAX Supply Portal has been designed to allow each purchaser to build a single marketplace connecting their ‘core suppliers’ while simultaneously attracting new suppliers that can present new sourcing opportunities.

As a supplier registers on the portal each supplier is profiled for their products and services against commodity codes and occupation codes for their trade and professional services capabilities. With a simply click the purchaser can direct their bids, tenders and RFI to their existing suppliers or place their bids on the open market with the notification services matching your buying requirements to the pool of resources registered on the system.  Free for suppliers the notification service allows each purchaser to develop an ever expanding B2b marketplace; in most cases, in days of establishing their portal.


  • UNSPC Coding to 45,000 Products

  • 15,000 Occupation Codes

  • Email Notifications

  • Private and Public Invites

  • Full Audit Trail Alerts

  • Ongoing Invite Alerts

  • Automated Matched Alerts and a Five Star match Ratings for Suppliers


The growing push to probity and governance across many levels of B2b trade  highlights the need for organisations to develop their own secure online presence

For many organisations the issues of transparency and probity play an important part of the corporate culture.  The DecisionMAX software TenderBOX meets these requirements providing a fully secure online trading environment with tenders and work orders transacted in a transparent environment.  As your purchaser utilises the Supply Portal for bidding, tendering box services generates completely secure sessions for each bid.   Suppliers registering to bids or responding to push invites are connected to each bid via our online tender box controls which provides two-way question forums, download document libraries, session controls and receipt tickets for uploads and completion receipt for final bids.  Each tender session is run as a locked bid with access controls applied until close time, while the work component provides a more interactive flow to handle variation requests and works approvals.


  • Secure Tender Box for all Tender Sessions

  • Secure Chat Forums for Each Tender Session

  • Private or Broadcast Forum Responses

  • Full Audit Trails of Session with Ticket Receipts on Upload and Session Close

  • Locked Tender Box

  • Batch Down Loads

  • Integrated Award Notifications

  • Full Arching and Records Management Integration


Smarter tendering tools are opening the door to more rapid strategic sourcing cycles, while benchmark buying , index buying and open bid buying are driving sustainable contracts that balance costs and contract performance.

For most purchasing companies the tendering process involves a multitude of market approaches that drive different documentation styles and approvals for RFXs, multi round EOIs and formal RFTs for Works, Goods and Services.  The Supply Portal has been designed to provide a wide range of flexibility and choices and how each purchaser can approach these market activities. 

As a purchaser creates a tender session either manually or through our integrated work flow planner the portal provides the opportunity go to market in a traditional paper + XLS format or the option to generate an online questionnaire with 1-10 scoring grid for basic RFX.   As the client looks for more automation our bundled tender designer opens the door to automated tenders.  This app, developed by DecisionMAX supports both online and offline tendering, using Eforms questionnaire design capabilities that can reduce manual scoring by as much as 50%.  When the Eforms approach is applied with the online template the end-to-end cycle typically is reduced by 80%.

  • Simple Word XLS Bidding

  • Smart E-Form Tendering Online and Offline

  • Smart Eforms Question Scorecards, Choices, Open Question Schedules and XLS Bid Sheets

  • Unlimited Templates Build with Integrated Guides

  • Online 1-10 Score Cards with Group Weightings*

  • Secure Offline Multi Team Evaluations

  • Open Mark Buys, Benchmark Buys and Incumbent Benchmarking

  • Simple 2 Tier Weights and Multi-Level Weighting Trees

  • Integrated Work Plan for Evaluators


Work flow planners enable change management by developing process controls that are embed in every-day tasks removing the need to develop large scale training programs.

The process of tendering can spread across a wide section of your organisation with different people representing different skills sets becoming involved.  Traditionally to control this, most organisations have developed business rules and flow charts to govern different market approaches.  The Supply Portal’s workflow process is designed to move these paper based rules into an interactive purchasing planner, which collects spend profiles, expenditure estimates and risk assessments to determine the approved market approaches that should be applied to each new RFX, Works order of formal tender.

  • Customisable Work Flow Planner

  • Unlimited Work Flow Types

  • Risk Planners

  • Approval Guides

  • Customisable Questionaries

The current cycle time for a sellers price discount to hit a buyer buy catalogue could be weeks to months, this needs to be seconds.  Catalogues must evolve from ordering solutions to become marketplace trading solutions that can deliver constant saving’s.

Over the past ten years  the purchase to pay catalogue was expected to revolutionise the market, however, realities are, these systems are expensive, they inevitably attract high data maintenance and tend to evolve as single supplier punch-outs solutions.  Catalogues, DecisionMAX believes need to evolve as a “strategic sourcing tools” and to be strategic, they need to support price book updates, PTP cycles and further, need to evolve to handle aggregate buying.    Our catalogue vision takes the standard catalogue functions and applies bench-marking and auction bidding principles so every buy achieves maximise savings, while providing buyers visibility to their marketplace though product prices checks, service fees profiles and benchmark reports that combine suppliers products or service in online comparisons.  

Push Catalogues Opens the Door to Benchmark Buying


The DecisionMAX Supply Portal catalogues has embraced traditional product catalogue principles while adding panels buying and benchmarking. The catalogues are designed to stream supplier’s information including: service fees, products prices, product information to virtual buying desks.   Each catalogues has automated controls for price management, access security, benchmarking, CPI control for rise and fall, price history tracking, compliance checking at the line item level and even buyer feature function scoring on catalogue content.

  • Unlimited Catalogues & Designs

  • Multiple Category Groups Per Catalogue With Selected Seller Access

  • Cpi Price Controls To Monitor Rise And Fall

  • Price Book Distribution Modes

  • Open Product Push/ Pull Price Bidding

  • Unlimited Content Fields

  • Click To Basket Ordering *

Connecting buyers and seller to the same obligations and sharing the same information is vital to ensure procurement outcomes.  The Supply Portals contract management tools connect both buyers and supplier together with online forums, document libraries forming a single point of truth.

Keeping your contract obligations visible across your organisation is fundamental for an organisation to develop a cohesive procurement approach.   The DecisionMAX Contract Management System spans both professional contract management and business contract registers.  The Supply Portals, contract management module connects an organisation to a central contract view where internal buyers and connected suppliers can collaborate.  The Supply Portals contract management system includes specific collaboration elements including: dynamic supplier connectors, date registers, CRM connectors for sellers, online document libraries and chat forums enabling buyers to manage obligations from a single point.

Our professional contract management system ContractMAX provides a full life cycle contract management solution across six core principles, date management, obligation visibility (SLA), event management, budgeting, risk management and performance benchmarking.    Combined or independent these solutions provide a foundation for a business to develop strategic sourcing around contracts ensuring they deliver sustainable performance to support the business objectives, that first engaged them.

Portal Contract Management

  • Date Registers And Business Mapping

  • Shared Document Libraries

  • Online Forums.

  • CRM Links For Supplier Contacts

  • Budgeting

Professional contract management

  • Project Planners

  • Date Registers And Renewal Triggers

  • Obligation Registers And KPI Planners

  • Event Planners And Alert Triggers

  • Risk Management

  • Multilevel Budgeting And Budget To Actual Reporting

  • 360° Benchmarking


Day to day works orders and service call can all to easily become major issues as missed WHS checks, SWM reviews or a lack of clear instruction can undo the most simple task.  The Supply Portals works system lines up the dots, connect jobs to buyer, delivers plan and instructions and collect WHS requirements all from a single platform.

Many organisations use tendering and contract management as a small part of their contracts life-cycle with buyers and seller connecting to deliver works and services that can range from schedule maintenance events to design and construct activities.   The DecisionMAX works module is designed to embrace the day-to-day document exchanges that constantly flow to individual suppliers or supplier panels.  The Works Module handles the full cycle of work related tasks including specification delivery, document management, variation requests and SWMS, SOP and tool box approvals while  providing tangible productively benefits to all parties connected to a works request.

• Mail Alerts For New Work Orders.
• Review Attached Work Plans with Support Documents From Your Pc, Tablet Or Phone.
• Upload SWMs and SOP Approvals.
• Upload Invoices For Payments


The dynamic nature of projects and the high demand for file sharing does no suit emails. The Supply Portal combines document management and collaboration for all projects forma singe platform.

Within the framework of a contracts life cycle it is common to see many project events come and go.  These activities evolve sometimes very rapidly, with most projects demanding tools to collaborate and connect people to files via drop boxes, emails, and online meetings.  The DecisionMAX projects collaboration tools were designed to provide a single platform that delivers instant collaboration points between buyers and suppliers and contractors.   

Creating a project takes seconds and once a project profile is formed, with start and end dates, stakeholders, cost centres, and billing codes, an online project board is activated.   Each project board instantly connects your parties using email alerts to link-in participates.   As users log into the portal their project dashboards is updated.  With connectors displaying documents, secure online libraries, while chat forums and two-way email alerts handle project status alerts.   The Project Board even boast its own CRM that prompts each supplier to profile their project team, providing buyers with instant connections defined by roles.  This reverse CRM enables buyers to connect to an individuals or the whole project group by direct emails, VOIP chats, or formal forums sessions.

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Dynamic Project Cost Code , Project Tags

  • Single Of The Supplier Connectors

  • Secure Document Libraries

  • Public And Private Document Deliveries

Prequalification forms are streamlining the buy cycle, yet how do you address the differ roles of sole traders, business and prime contractor, from a single platforms.  DecisionMAX Supply portal prequalification tools!

Ever-increasing pressures on purchasing resources and timeframes have pushed buyers to look for new ways to engage suppliers.  Pre-qualification systems are fast becoming the hub where suppliers are been engaged in a multi-level process starting with prequalification profiles prior to been full engaged.   The benefits of these strategies are many; buyers can rapidly develop wider supply chain profiles, while day-to-day tendering cycles are streamlined and WHS reviews are handled once removing repetitiveness tasks that both buyers and supplier are too often engaged in.

The DecisionMAX prequalification system has been designed to embrace the very best of our technologies and focus on developing process controls that drive massive productivity savings.  Our smart survey forms designer creates survey in minutes using balanced scorecards and quantitative and qualitative question profiles.   The Pre-Qualification module includes unlimited templates to accommodate all levels of supply chain engagements. In addition, the module links to benchmarking tools and online assessment grids, while status board indicators ensure every supplier is reviewed in line with purchasing methodologies.

  • Unlimited Prequalification Forms

  • Balanced Scorecard Questionnaires

  • Interactive Questionnaires with Qualitative and Qualitative forms

  • Integrated Rates Schedules

  • Integrated Supplier Information Kits and Guides

  • Online Assessments

  • Off-Line Benchmarking and Assessments

  • Supplier and Purchaser Down Loads


 ICloud courier- delivers documents were and when you need, while integrated record management connectors and version controls ensure your documents are available any-where any-time.


The day-to-day interactions between suppliers and buyers is often  linked to documents which need to constantly flow between organisations and be available to many people simultaneously.  The DecisionMAX iCloud Courier is a file manage tool that addresses the growing demand for online drop boxes which enables suppliers and buyers to share documents and files online.  The Supply Portals iCloud Courier is linked to each supplier’s online document folders, this allows the supplier to connect to their online folders and upload documents from any location including phone and tablets. 

As files are uploaded the iCloud Courier adds profile tags to each file to support long term filing and retrieval.  Each uploaded is secured, in addition multiple files are stored with version controls and where appropriate automatically linked to active projects and contracts folders.   Suppliers have full access to their own files while internal users within the purchasing organisation share a single reference point between all parties.

  • Unlimited Document Uploads

  • Unlimited Document Size Uploads

  • Folder Management Document

  • Document Tagging For Filing

  • Optional Records Management Integration with Meta Tags

  • Automated Time /Date Stamping


For most organisations the reality of business compliance has changed the face of how purchases and buyers interact.   The DecisionMAX Self-service compliance Kiosk is designed to share the obligations of compliance between supplier and buyers.

The supply portal compliance system is designed for B2b commerce and handles both individual trades and professional services certifications and business validations from a single platform.   This is achieved though our business rules engine which allows each purchaser to develop their own compliance profiles to match the trades, products and services they acquire.   Once the buyer has established their compliance model” the supply portal automates the “suppliers certification process” though our Self-Service kiosks technology.  This module takes the buyers compliance maps, matches the supply chain and sends compliance requests to the supplier’s login.   

The compliance module handles all business compliance issues including products compliance (standards and certificates), Individual compliance (skills, competencies and certificates), business compliance (insurances’, identity checks and certificates) and equipment compliance (data sheet, certificates, licenses and certifications).   All documentation is filed online with version control handling updates and approval boards queuing suppliers uploads for validation.  Monitoring tools alert suppliers on renewals, while red flag indicators keep all users informed on the status of a business or an individual’s compliance.

  • Unlimited Certificates

  • Real Time Certificate Mapping

  • Business Compliance

  • Trade & Professional Compliance

  • Product Compliance

  • Fully Automated Renewal Notices

  • Red / Flag Green Flag Status Boards

  • Reports On Compliance

  • Internal Compliance Processing

  • External Compliance Processing

  • Customise Trade / Matching Codes

  • Hot Link Connect For Compliance

  • Where Available Automated Checking And Validation

Public B2B Portal  Premium

Public B2B Portal  Tender/RFX

Public B2B Portal   Compliance





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Take Online Training for OHS and Safety

Undertake Site Induction for Staff Online 


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